I hope it's ok to write here without a proper diagnosis, but i really believe my son has apraxia.
he is 2 years one month and finally we have been referred for speech therapy. my son was an incredibly early walker (6mos, unbelievable i know!) so when he didnt start to babble as his peers did at 6 months plus, i assumed it was because he was so physical, but when he turn 1 and all his little friends started to walk (and still babble)and he was still not babbling, i began to feel he was being left behind. we took him t the doctors numerous times and they said he's to young , its probably because he's focusing on physical things, around 13 months he managed to say dada, a few months later cat and nana, then he stopped saying them, he does now have a vocabulary - daa for daddy, bo for mummy? hi, no, more, doh (stop) do (go). he seems to find it so hard to say anything if i ask him to say please he may manage a p p p sound, he's never been interested in copying sounds only actions. he makes up his own sign language and tugs and pulls and points. i want smeone who knows to tell me, this sounds like apraxia, and it doesnt sound like a delay as he hasn't followed the typical speech patterns? any help would be great, we are due to have him evaluated but i want to know what parents with experience think? thanks so much. x

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Aug 13, 2011
by: Anonymous

He does have some of the typical symptoms of apraxia, however without a full evaluation by a speech therapist you won't know for sure. Lack of babbling and slow to speak are signs of apraxia, however they could be signs of something else too.
An evaluation by a professional will also ease your mind, knowing what you are dealing with.
Best of luck to you.

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