We are working together.

by Teresa V.
(Chicago, IL)

At the age of two my son didn't said any word, his doctor refer him for an evaluation. The Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Clinical Assistant Professor told me: "Your son is very young to be evaluated, you must wait until he goes to school or reach the age of three".

I found another doctor for him and on February, 2015, at age of 27 months old. The new doctor recommend an evaluation for a specialist.

On April, the speech pathologist did an evaluation and recommended different types of therapies and an evaluation for a behavioral and developmental specialist. Because my son needs to wait 14 weeks for the appointment, the speech therapist and the occupational therapist told me that it could be better for him. He received speech therapy since May for a half hour a week and, occupational therapy one hour a week since July.

On September my son was diagnosed with apraxia of speech. His doctor recommend 3 important things for him. 1. He continues going to speech therapy and occupational therapy once a week. 2. Repeat the evaluation in 6 months. 3. Read a book.

I read Apraxia Explained in two days, last month. I bought three CD's of a LIFT program, the last 3 weeks my son has been listened the music half hour a day every day. We play every day together and practice everything that he does and learn in the therapies. A few days ago I got the vitamins for him. He has been watching a singing TV show which repeat several times different words, for the last 4 weeks. He loves to eat fish and salmon.

My son is 36 moths old now. He can say 39 words clearly, 4 phrases, count to ten, say the alphabet letters except L and W. He tries to repeat every word that we say. He loves to sing and dance. It has been hard to do everything for him. Now he is better and we are happy.

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Dec 09, 2015
Thank you
by: Kate

Thank you so much for your kind words!

I am so happy to hear your son is doing better, I know it's hard and the days can be long, but being consistent and keeping up with therapies is worth it. That being said, what you do at home on a daily basis is so important and is the key to helping your child talk - and it sounds like you are doing a great job!

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