The most important thing you can do for your child with verbal apraxia

The most helpful thing you can do at home is to make your child with verbal apraxia feel as good as possible about their speech and themselves. Accept whatever your child says and if it is right, you can praise him. If it is wrong, do not continually ask him to correct it. If you occasionally ask him to try to correct it, accept whatever comes out, and praise him for a good try.

Your child needs your love, acceptance and patience. You cannot make him correct his speech by pressuring or correcting him. To fully recover your child needs your support. With proper and consistent intervention, there is no reason why your child will not achieve normal speech.

You need the strength to hang in there and keep going. The days can get long and frustrating. One of the best things we did was network with other parents of special needs children. You have something to bond over and share ideas with what has worked for you. Check in your community if there are playgroups or parent support groups for parents of differently-abled children.

Another important thing you can do for your child with apraxia is learn as much as you can about it. One way to do that is by reading the eBook "Apraxia Explained". You will find more important information about helping your child recover from apraxia.

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Verbal Apraxia - the most important thing you can do for your apraxic child

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