Therapists unwilliing to diagnose Apraxia

by Andrea Pinder
(Washington DC)

My daughter turned 3 in September and has been receiving speech therapy twice a week for about a year. I've seen some progress - sometimes it's steady, sometimes we seem to be "treading water". I noticed a jump in her speech only a couple of weeks after starting her on Pro-EFA supplements every day so will certainly continue those. However, I've taken my daughter to two different speech clinics, as well as speaking with her private therapist, and neither is keen to actually put a label of "apraxia" on my daughter. They said she's too young, but I've read on your site that some children are diagnosed as young as two? Also, although she exhibits some classic signs of apraxia, she consistently uses the correct words for objects without having to "grope" around for the correct sounds. Should I just wait a few months then try and get her tested again? I feel that she might need more help and she's not going to get it until she's diagnosed correctly. Also, I'd be very interested in trying the LIFT program on her, but am unable to find a provider in Washington DC. Can anyone help with that? Many thanks.

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Aug 19, 2015
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Feb 16, 2012
Trust your instincts
by: Kate

As parents we need to trust our instinicts, if you don't feel your daughter is getting the help she needs from professionals, you need to advocate for her - question the therapist as to why they feel she does or does not have apraxia. If you are not statified with the answer, take her to someone else. Have you checked if there is a speech therapist that specializes in children or apraxia in your area?

If therapy is through state funding, is it a budget issue - that only the kids with the most severe problems get help?

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