Teri Dunn, parent

My name is Teri Dunn and I am the parent of a daughter with down syndrome 7 1/2 with verbal apraxia. She has some sounds and some words but she tends to lose them. I have been told she has apraxia but not many people know how to do her speech therapy. and I've always asked how do you get a label of apraxia and I've been told that the therapist can tell. Where, is there formal testing that can determine verbal apraxia and why don't people know how to deal with it. I have just started researching it becuase I am so tired of her being frustrated over her communication and I get frustrated watching her trying to get someone elses attention. I would love any info anyone has.

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Oct 29, 2015
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by: Christopher M. Ramirez

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Jun 19, 2011
Read this book
by: ninhgiap

Please buy this book,
The late talker what to do if your child isn't talking yet. They suggest you find an neurologist doctor and that doctor can diagnose and give your insurance to ask them pay for your speech therapy.
They have so much information and it really help my son a lot. If you interested just email me : ninhgiap@yahoo.com. I would love to give you some information if you want.
Good luck

Apr 27, 2011
You are on the right track
by: Anonymous

Keep researching and looking for answers. You need to find a speech therapist experienced with apraxia who can give your child an accurate diagnosis and then treat them for apraxia.

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