by jana

Has anyone tried TMG (Trimethylglycine) with Folic Acid and B-12? I use ProEFA for my son and I'm ready to try some more things on top of the EFA's. I went to (my son does not have autism-but apraxia is a neurological disorder) and talked to a DAN! doctor who mentioned the methyl B-12. He also mentioned oxygen therapy but I think that would freak my son out, not to mention the cost. I also want my son tested for heavy metals and then possibly detoxified. Am I going overboard? Has anyone tried any biomedical approaches?!?! I'm so overwhelmed!!



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Sep 03, 2015
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Mar 25, 2010
Fish oil/DHA helps with Apraxic Children
by: Deborah

My son Logan was diagnosed with Apraxia and Expressive Aphasia At 3. He is now 4 in half and the one suppliment that I stand 100% behind is fish oil/DHA. I gave him a tea spoon mixed with juice he liked to mask the flavor and with in a couple days I saw a drastic improvement. I was at a loose up until this point and I cannot believe how his pronunciation improved and he became much more verbal. Our Speech pathologist is the one who advised me of the fish oil and mentioned she had other parents with a high success rate with their Apraxic children I highly recomend it to parents with Apraxic Children. I also don't give Logan dairy I use lactade and I have researched the glutin free diet I have a close friend who's son is mildly autistic which is nuerological and so is Apraxia I figured I would give that a shot also. I noticed with a healthy diet vitamins and fish oil my son's difficult behavior has been minimal also. So I am willing to do whatever it takes to help Logan overcome this and whatever positive information I can pass along to parents that have walked in the same shoes as ourselves is the least I can do.

Mar 01, 2009
Trust yourself
by: Kate

It is very overwhelming when you consider all the possible solutions for you child. I do think having your child tested for heavy metals is a reasonable thing to do, we had our daughter tested by both hair & blood, and both tests were normal, however if it would help you in knowing you did everything possible to help your son by all means go ahead and do it. It will not harm him and depending where you go, it's not that expensive.
I do have a friend who used B-12 shots on her daughter - the first month she said 5 new words, but that was the only large gain and they ended them after a few months, but you would have the consider the side effects.
I commend you for not giving up and continuing to look for answers, best of luck to you.

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