Stacia - 2 1/2 year old diagnosed with apraxia

by stacia
(leawood, kansas)

My youngest of 3 was just diagnosed with Apraxia. He is 2 1/2 and will be three on October 30, 2010. He has most sounds, but can not put them together. He has been in speech therapy for 6 months and we have not made much progress. He starts a different therapy program tomorrow... Feeling lost! What should I expect?

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Jun 22, 2010
My experience
by: Kathy

At about 18 months, my daughter was diagnosed with Expressive Language Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder. She had no language at all. We began Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and behavioral therapy.

Progress seemed minimal over the next year or so. By the time she was 3 she was finally diagnosed with Apraxia. While I was terrified of the term, ultimately that diagnosis gave me a direction. I knew what we were dealing with.

So, after much research, we were able to find an amazing Speech Pathologist trained in the Kaufman method. Grace is now 4 and is talking in full sentences.

It has taken a lot of work to get here (especially for her) and we still have a long way to go (and I still wonder where we will end up), but her overall progress has been amazing over the past year.

I hope this helps!

May 19, 2010
What to expect....
by: Kate

Feeling lost, alone, frustrated, tears of joy over small gains, hopeful.......and that's all just in one day.
Every child's apraxia journey is unique, some recover faster than others. You need to be patient with yourself and your child. A majority of the children do eventually talk. Keep researching apraxia and do what you can at home to support your child's language skills.

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