Getting Started with Speech Therapy for Apraxia

Therapy can be effective, but it is a lengthy and intensive process. Absolutely continue with speech therapy, the information at this website is not intended to replace treatment with a competent speech and language pathologist.

apraxia kids at speech therapy

To begin with you need to see a speech and language therapist to get an accurate diagnosis of verbal apraxia and a treatment plan. You will need a referral from your child’s medical doctor for insurance to cover these services. You will also need to check with your insurance if there is only a certain speech therapist available to you and how many visits they will cover.


When choosing a therapist do not be afraid to ask questions before you began. In Chapter 7 of my eBook "Apraxia Explained", I will tell you the questions you need to ask before speech therapy can begin and hopefully you can avoid an experience like we had.

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Where do you find speech therapy?

If you suspect a problem, where do you go to find a speech therapist? Ask your child's doctor to recommend one. If your child is over age three contact your local school district. Schools are required to provide speech therapy, find out your school's policy on getting a referral. Your child will have an IEP You can still choose to have additonal private therapy even if you get services from the school district.

I am not a speech therapist, if you have further questions a certified speech-language pathologist offers advice for parents with questions about speech-language development.

Ask a Speech and Language Pathologist

Speech Therapy at Home