The Speech Diet - Nutrition and Exercise for Apraxia

Enough can’t be said about proper nutrition to build a healthy body with a strong immune system. Feeding children well balanced meals with healthy snacks is essential for life long health. However, children with apraxia and developmental issues have special nutritional needs.

Special Supplements for Apraxia

In addition to a well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, a good quality multi-vitamin is essential. Growing brains have special nutritional needs too. There is ongoing research regarding "the speech diet", using fish oils as a supplement therapy. EFA, DHA, GLA - no this is not a recipe for alphabet soup! There have been some amazing success stories with the use of fish oils for apraxia.

In my eBook in Chapter 11, I go over the latest research findings for apraxia and in Chapter 13 I will tell you the exact nutritional supplements your child needs.

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Jump Your Way To Better Speech

Rebounding Therapy for kids with Apraxia

There is much evidence to the overall health benefits of rebounding. It is great for your cardiovascular health, it reduces body fat, increases circulation, increases mental acuity, improves learning disabilities, increases metabolism, improves sense of balance, strengthens the muscles, stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system/immune system. It is also a lot of fun for kids.

Rebounding has been used as part of a therapy for children with learning disabilities. There is ongoing research regarding jumping and speech development. For a child, special equipment is required, which I go over in Chapter 14 of my eBook, "Apraxia Explained".

The Importance of Family Meals

For all of you busy moms, I have added some great recipes that are healthy and quick, that will allow you to sit down and share a family dinner together. Eating together at the kitchen table is a great time for conversations and will allow your child with apraxia a safe place to practice conversations. With some advanced meal planning making family dinners will be much easier.

It is important not to forget a healthy breakfast. Studies have proven that children who eat breakfast perform much better in school. When your child has a full day of speech therapy and school they need a good breakfast to keep them going.

Quick and Healthy Recipes

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