The Key That Unlocked Our Apraxic Daughter's Voice

When I begin researching what else I could do for my daughter I came across the work of Dr. Alfred Tomatis. Dr. Tomatis was a French ENT (ear, nose and throat specialist). In the 1950’s, Dr. Tomatis discovered that listening problems are the root cause of many learning problems, and he also developed a highly effective technique to remedy them.

Hearing differs from listening. Our daughter was seen by an audiologist with advanced testing who said her hearing was normal.

Because her hearing was normal didn't mean she was listening correctly. There is also a large spectrum of sound frequencies some of which your child may not be able to hear. A screening exam in a doctor’s office does not provide advanced measurements for all the frequencies of sound.

"The voice only contains the sounds which the ears hear”

Dr. Alfred Tomatis

Problems listening can develop as difficulty perceiving differences between speech sounds, the sequencing of these sounds into meaningful words, and confusing similar sounds. When our ears cannot hear certain frequencies, our voice does not produce them either. One could restore someone's hearing and their voice, by retraining the ear muscles.

After much experimentation, Dr. Tomatis found that by strengthening the ear muscles he could affect hearing. The discovery that listening is key to learning opened a whole new area of research.

Sound therapy refers to a range of therapies in which sound is used to treat physical and mental conditions. One of these therapies is music therapy, which can involve a person listening to music for conditions such as stress and muscle tension. It focuses on balancing energy to treat a condition. Advocates maintain that sound therapy is effective in treating conditions such as apraxia, dyslexia, stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, learning disabilities and autism.

This is what worked well for my daughter. Of course, not everyone will achieve these same results. Her speech therapist was not familar with these programs and couldn't give her opinion on them, but I kept searching for answers.

There are many different sound therapy programs available on the market today. However research has shown only one form is effective. Do not make the mistake of wasting your money and time on the wrong program. In my eBook "Apraxia Explained", in Chapter 9, I will tell you the exact method we used and why it works much better than the other programs. She enjoyed this very much. It easy to use and an effective way to train and develop ear muscles.

That is when we noticed a big difference in her speech. She went from saying about 30 word approximations to speaking 3 – 4 word sentences in a matter of 2 months. Friends and family were shocked to hear her talk so clearly in such a short period of time. It made such a difference in our lives. Her frustration level went way down. We were able to understand her and our hope had been renewed that our daughter would lead a normal life. It really was the answer we were looking for.

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