Resturant madness

by Erin
(Ohio )

Obviously with apraxia children tend to get aggravated easier, however, in resturants it's unbearable. He wants to get up and when I tell him no he screams at the top of his lungs and flales his arms around. I have twins, Milo has apraxia and Winnie does not. I hate to compare because I know he's struggling but I can't help but feel that his behavior is extremely abnormal. Milo is 3 so I know it is very hard for any 3 year old boy to sit when there is so much going on around but he's pinching and biting. Is this normal for a child with apraxia, or is this strictly behavior modification on my part. I'm over whelmed and I feel bad for him.

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Nov 01, 2015
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Sep 23, 2013
Make some adjustments
by: Kate

I'm guessing it's a combination of being a 3 year old boy and apraxia? Not being able to make your needs known is very frustrating.

Have you tried sign language with him? If he had a few simple signs, such as "more", "drink" and "thank you" it could help a lot with meal times.

Some children just are not ready to sit through a restaurant experience. Have you tried going to a faster place, not a sit down place? Also is it hunger? He may see others eating and frustrated that he is hungry, maybe getting an appetizer, crackers or bringing a small snack from home.

Is it boredom? Put a few of his favorite small toys in your purse or backpack, like Hot Wheel cars, coloring, etc. whatever he likes - make some of them "restaurant only" toys.

I'm assuming you are eating out with others, if he is really acting up, take him to the car for a time out and then have another adult text you when the food arrives.

Having a child with special needs is very stressful, it's ok to get a babysitter or friend to watch your kids to get a break and enjoy a meal out once in awhile without them. Your child might enjoy playing at home more too.

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