Niviah 09

by Miranda
(Texarkana Tx)

I like your page because this diagnose of apraxia has been a challenge to our family. She is a twin and she is the one that is suffering from it. Her name is Niviah age 4yrs, her birthday is August 27,2009. She was diagnosed apraxia at the age of 2yrs and 9months old. She has had therapy since she was 6months, because of her gross motor /fine motor skills. Then at the age 2 she still was not saying any words, so she went through many test and test still they could not tell me what was wrong with her, because she could understand everything you would ask her at times. Now she has been diagnosed with apraxia. She has Pt and Speech therapy twice a week at school and one time a week at a private therapy center? I see a little improvement, but I was wondering should she be in therapy more. This is very hard and upsetting at time for us, but your page gives me hope!

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