by Nancy
(South Carolina)


My name is Nancy & my son is 2 1/2 his name is max he has been is speech for a little over a month , he doesn't complete words or put two words together. The speech therapist is 99% sure he has apraxia .... he will get his official diagnosis next week. The only apraxia specialist in South Carolina is at the office I'm going to thankfully.. they also want him to get a occupational therapy evaluation next week and also physical therapy, apparently he has low muscle tone in his legs.. he is very smart ( I'm not just saying that cause I'm his mom) he does anything you ask him to do, helps clean the house,, etc. he is very very receptive. He has been evaluated and is at a 4 year old level.. I'm writing here because it is very difficult finding out about all these things that are going on with him.. I only discuss this with my husband and when I'm at speech.. its very difficult for me.. I just would like a local support group to talk about this, but I cannot find one.. can anyone recommend anything I can do to deal with these feelings I am having?
Thank you,

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Oct 26, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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May 03, 2015
Be Patient NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a dad of a 4 year old with apraxia. My son has been in speech therapy for more than two years now and I see great progress.
He started out just saying mommy and daddy until that was difficult. Since therapy he has more words and eating new things. My son is also in OT twice a week.

We did do somethings at home. Like ABCs all the time. Numbers and two word phrases. Like 'can I'
'May I' 'can you'.
Sign language is a must. Even if it is the basics like please, mom, dad, drink...ect...
We also put him in an elementary school and not day care. Depending on where you live they have early learning programs.
We also enrolled him in a horse back rinding course but with a pony. Horses have something in them that makes children talk.

Good luck and God Bless it just takes time.

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