My Daughter

by Erin
( Louisiana)

I have a 23 month old daughter who has been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder called polymicrogyria. Although this disorder can be very severe on a global level, Haley has learned to walk and her fine motor skills are improving. However, she is currently unable to say any consistent words due to apraxia. She attempts vowel sounds to imitate words, but rarely consonants. She also has a lot of difficulty eating. She is unable to close her lips during eating, so she cannot feed herself with a spoon. I have tried large straws, different types of whistles, and suckers to assist in lip closure and tongue movements, thinking this will also aid in speech but so far have not been able to make much progress. Haley has been in speech therapy since she was 8 months and does great with sign language. I am looking for any advice that can help my little girl lead a better life.

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