Mother of little girl with apraixa

by K

Is there any particular school that specializes in apraxia? We are very concerned about whether to send our 5 yr old little girl to public school or not. So, we are looking into a special school for apraxia?

She is already a very quiet reserved person, by personality, and now we add apraxia to it, we are very concerned that sending her to school all day and then she can't come home and tell us the good or bad that happened for the day will make our communication will be even more strained.
In addition, does anyone know if the Vitamin E amount recommended in the Apraxia Speaks Book is in one bottle or two different bottles? Thank you for any help and suggestions.
Krystle Romero

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Oct 31, 2015
Mustafa NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jan 07, 2012
Worth checking in to
by: Kate

Due to the fact apraxia is such a rare disorder I don't think you will find a school that specializes in just apraxia.
There may be schools for differently abled children in your area that would be very good for her, you will need to search in your area.

When she does go to school it would be helpful if the teacher would agree to have a journal that your daughter brings home everyday - the teacher could write a few notes as to how the day went and you could ask questions and write how the evening went.

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