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As the parent of a child with apraxia, I have found you have to take every opportunity for learning. It's possible to make learning fun, develop their skills and learn through play. It is important to have developmentally appropriate toys available for your child that keep their attention.

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Playing one on one with your child gives many opportunites for encouraging language. Arranging play dates for your child with other children their age also gives opportunites to learn through play. There are benefits to both playing individually vs. playing with others.When children are very young, I have found them to be more accepting of differently abled children. It's important for them to make friends when they are young. I actually got more "comments" from adults then I ever did from children regarding my daughter's speech. This can be hard to deal with especially when they come from well meaning family and friends. I used the opportunity to educate them about apraxia.

When choosing toys you need to consider the effects of toys and fun, educational toys.  It is still possible to find many great non-electronic toys. They are perfect for a child with apraxia, as then you can encourage your child to make noises instead of just pushing a button and having the toy make sounds for your child. Puzzles that are appropriate for a child's age and developmental level provide a fun yet challenging learning experience.

Creative toys, such as dress up clothes and art supplies have many educational benefits, and provide hours of learning fun. Don't worry about being a good artist or actor, just have fun.

In order for children to learn, they need to stretch their minds. That means that they need to be challenged. Reviewing things they already know helps them remember them but in order to go forward they must learn to grasp new concepts. Challenge also keeps a child interested.

Building Language through Play

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