Kindergartener Child

by Andrea
(Greenville, MS)

Hello I'm Andrea Jinks and I have a 5 year old with childhood apraxia. We have finish the first nine weeks of kindergarten and there are some concerns that his teachers and I have. I was hoping you could help with some of these and give us some ideas to use.

I have the book Apraxia Explained and have read it but I'm in need of help on more specific situations.

Some of the concerns are as followed:

1. Homework - he has homework only on Thursday nights but he cries and whines at even the word of homework.

2. He is constantly moving around. During PE and circle time, when he is suppose to be seated waiting or listening, he constantly rolls around, looks up at the celing and round the room and moving around in his chair.

3. He has been aggressive in the past and it has to began again. He hits students.

Anything you can give on everyday activites or situations I would appreciate it.

Thank you,

Andrea Jinks

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Oct 20, 2011
Thank You
by: Andrea

Kate, I would like to thank you for the help. I have heard some of those before but it does get hard to do some of them. I will try harder because I want to make him as sucessful as possible.

Oct 19, 2011
Answers to you questions
by: Kate

Hi Andrea -

Thank you for your questions.

Is your child on an IEP and receiving speech therapy from the school? Having regular meetings with teachers and keeping the lines of communication open will greatly benefit your child. Do not be afraid to speak up if you don't feel they are meeting your child's needs.

It sounds like your child is acting out some at school. He could possibly be acting out due to an adjustment to school and his new schedule. Or is it because his voice is not being heard and his needs aren't being met? Perhaps he is hitting other kids because he doesn't have words to talk to them - have you considered some simple sign language for him? or other methods of communication? I recently heard from someone whose child was doing wonderfully in school with the use of an IPAD speech app.

As for his homework issues, that is most likely something new for him he needs to get used to doing. Have you tried a reward system for him such as a small treat or extra screen time if he does his homework with out crying? Another idea would be everyday do something he enjoys that is learning based and call it "homework" such as reading a book to him, having him color a picture, do puzzles, or a learning computer game and then on Thursdays slip in the school homework he doesn't like. The key would be to make sure is was something he really liked and make it a special one on one time with him, it would only need to be about 10 minutes a day.

As for the constantly moving around, that is not a symptom of apraxia. Have you spoke to your child's doctor or educators about this? That *could* be a sign of a different medical problem, however he would need a complete medical evaluation for it OR he could just be an active and alert boy with a lot of energy to burn. I for one think that ADHD is over diagnosed in America and their are other things that can cause a child to act this way such as poor sleep, food allergies, a neurological disorder or other disorder.

I wish you the best of luck in your educational journey with your son. I know it is not easy being the parent with the "different" kid, but the small things you do for him will make a big difference in the end.

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