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My son Nicholas was dx with verbal apraxia. He currently is with EI in western ny and will be transitioning to the school district at the end of this year. We are receiving speech 4x a week(3x 30 min individual and 1 -parent /child group). I have tried to talk to the school district about a center base pre k program for my son and they refuse to pay. any suggestions?

very frustrated mother!!

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Nov 12, 2009
Keep trying!
by: Anonymous

I guess I would keep asking to high powers in hopes of getting help.

Another thing you could do is pay for an evaluation by a private speech therapist and have them write a detailed report of your son's current speech, prognois, and recommended treatment and then take it to the school district to point out how important it is for him to have help. That might be spendy up front, but if it gets him the treatment he needs it will be worth it.

You could also check into special ed laws in your state to see exactly what the school is required to provide so you know what you are up against. Don't know how far you want to push it but there are lawyers that specialize in children with special needs and getting them the help they need.

Good luck!

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