One Women's Journey to Finding Her Child's Voice

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If you and your child are experiencing any of the following, please read on:

Delay of language development

Unable to understand your child's speech

Frustration and tantrums from lack of communication

Diagnosed with verbal apraxia or is considered a "late talker"

Uses partial words, dropping the beginning or ending of words

Says a new word one day and later cannot say that word again

Difficulty blowing out candles or blowing bubbles

Unique, Proven Techniques to Enhance Speech Therapy

My name is Kate, and I have spent many years working with my daughter to overcome apraxia. At age three she was unable to talk at all and was diagnosed with verbal apraxia. Doctors told us she may never lead a normal life.

Today, after trying virtually everything and documenting the progress; she is a normal, healthy and happy eight year old girl.

She does extremely well in school. Is easily able to make friends. Has no communication difficulties what so ever.

I have had such success with my daughter that I decided to create this site to help others with similar problems, discover and quickly deal with these conditions.

Apraxia Explained

Inside my ebook "Apraxia Explained" you will discover exactly:

  • What is Apraxia?

  • Early Signs and Symptoms of Apraxia You Must Know.

  • Is Your Child a Late Talker or do They Have Apraxia?

  • The Most Important Thing You Can Do For Your Child With Apraxia

  • What You Need to Ask Before Speech Therapy Can Begin

  • The Exact Nutritional Supplements Your Child Needs

  • The Key That Unlocked Her Voice

    All of these are included inside my eBook, and I've also included a free bonus report "Building Language Through Play"

    Building Language Through Play

    You and your child deserve to have a life free of speech difficulties, but you will need to take action.

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    Apraxia Explained

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    Once you've gone through this I would love to hear your success story.

    To your health and happiness, Kate

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