Frustration without the understanding

by Jennifer
(Three Rivers MI)

My Son was recently diagnosed with Apraxia. He has had numerous testing done. Diagnosed with Add (his sister has ADHD). I am not against medication as long as it is doing what it needs to do to help aide my child be successful.

He is currently in Speech Therapy in the school system and has been since Kindergarten. I have always know that there was something not quite right with him. His trouble with speech was the first indicator. As he has been in school and is now in 2nd grade I have put my foot down with the the school and have been talking to the teacher and principal in regards of his education. Since I have done this they have been very supportive and we have gotten a long way in 3 months then in the last 3 years.

My husband is in very much denial. He doesnt understand the way out son way of thinking and his struggle to get those words out of his mouth. He just says that he has to get it. He is 8 years old. Other comments such as You do not make him do these things that is why he doesn't. There is plenty of other comments as well.

The issue I have is the overwhelming of being patient with my son so he can get those words out and to not use his hands to explain but try to get the words out.
When I read up on the Apraxia I just started to cry because it was my son to a T...
I know I am doing everything that a mother should do, I just need to know will or is this something that may be a lifetime struggle for him.
We are not complete with all of the Evals and have a lot of testing that needs to be done with Speech and his eyes and hearing still are in the process. He is currently going to be doing Occupational Therapy for 4- 6 months and Speech will be going on until he needs it no longer.. I just am so new to all of this.

Thank you,

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Oct 23, 2015
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Oct 15, 2015
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Apr 24, 2014
Will it be always NEW
by: Peggy

My youngest son couldn't talk at all by 2 1/2. I brought it up with the doctor who told me not to worry about it. I had him tested for free by the state at three.

This was 24 years ago. Then, they wouldn't even test before three years old. They determined that my son was "severely mentally retarded" and qualified to be enrolled in special end preschool at an elementary school near my house.

I knew that my son was not mentally challenged and that he was at least of 'average' intelligence, but I also knew he needed help. So I didn't argue about it, I was just grateful he was going to be helped.

The first time he said, "I love you, Mama" he was 4 1/2 and I cried. I could barely understand him at first, but when I realized what he said, I just cried -- I didn't know if I'd ever hear those words from him.

During his kindergarten year, he was doing so well that even though he was still in 'special end' he was actually spending 98% of his time in the 'regular' kindergarten classroom. By first grade, he was no longer in special end at all but was seeing the speech therapist one hour a week

He now has a Master's Degree in computer science. He also speaks (besides English) German, French and Japanese.

All completely true. You tell me -- is there hope for your child? I will tell you YES, there is very definitely hope.

Apr 15, 2014
It will get better. NEW
by: Anonymous

First of all - good job for being proactive for you son with the school and getting him the help he needs. Also for educating yourself about apraxia and searching out other ways to help him. Your husband may not understand the condition - it may be helpful to share what you are learning with him, or better yet have him come to the testing and therapy appointments so he can ask questions to the professionals.

With proper therapy and time your son should improve, yes it may seem like a real struggle now, but it will pay off in the end. Celebrate his small successes and build on that.

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