Recover from Apraxia - Where to Start

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You are probably wondering where to begin to recover from apraxia. If you are like me, you and your child are both frustrated by dealing with a language delay and a lack of progress. Considering apraxia is a fairly rare disorder you may be having a hard time finding resources locally.

If you suspect apraxia discuss it with your child's pediatrician and get a referral for a speech evaluation. For an accurate diagnosis you need an evaluation with a speech therapist who has experience with children.

If your child is already diagnosed with apraxia, it's time to get to work. There are many things you can do at home to help your child in addition to speech therapy.

I have some interesting articles here to provide you with some background knowledge to get started with. However I urge you to make sure your child is following the speech diet , you look in to sound therapy and you find a speech therapist you are comfortable with.

In addition to these articles, I have written an eBook for parents to help them to understand apraxia and help them to help their children recover from apraxia. You can download it instantly: Get Apraxia Explained

When my daughter was first diagnosed with apraxia I had never heard of it before. To begin with I needed to know - "What is apraxia?" so I would know what we were dealing with. I also wanted to know what a child's normal speech development should be. It was hard for me to accept that my child was behind. However, understanding apraxia helped me to accept her as she was, which is very important to helping your child learn and grow.

Lack of speech can sometimes cause problems with discipline - for help and answers to your discipline concerns Click Here

Due to her lack of speech our daughter was also tested for autism and was screened for other disorders. Autism and apraxia are both neurological disorders that have differences and some similarities. To learn more, click here: Apraxia and Autism

In my research, I have read many books on apraxia and parenting. I have listed a few of my favorite books here. Just learning about apraxia and how others have overcame it, gave me hope that my daughter would speak normally some day too.

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