To Help Your Child With Apraxia of Speech, You Need To Understand Their Condition

Imagine waking up some morning with apraxia of speech, and as you begin to speak, everything comes out wrong. Even though you know exactly what you want to say, the words come out in the wrong order, the sounds are jumbled up. Your family can’t understand a thing you are saying. They ask you to repeat what you said and some of the sounds come out fine, but others are mixed up again. Your frustration raises as in your mind you said the sounds correctly. No matter how hard you try, your speech is scrambled.

Understanding Apraxia of Speech

The child with apraxia of speech may never know the ease of speaking fluently. It can become a frustrating and discouraging process. You will discover that the better you understand your child’s difficulties, the more you will be able to help him.

Others may think your child is lazy, careless or below average intelligence. The family needs to recognize that the child does not have the ability to control his speech sounds. You may need to act as an interpreter to help get your child understood. Patience and understanding are required so his difficulties are recognized and he is loved and able to communicate in spite of them.

understanding apraxia of speech

As your child grows older, his speech may continue to be filled with errors and may be very difficult to understand. As he attempts to increase the length of his sentences, he may have even more difficulty and be often misunderstood. Anger and frustration may cause the child to withdraw and speak as little as possible to avoid criticism. This, however can be prevented. In my eBook "Apraxia Explained" I outline many different techniques that can improve speech. It is available of instant download by clicking here:

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Reference: What is Verbal Apraxia? by Lorraine Rodriguz

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