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Recommended Apraxia Books and CDs

For additional information I have included some of the recommended books for apraxia and child development. Although I have read many other books, these are my top recommendations.

The Late Talker This is a great book to start with, helps with understanding apraxia and reads easy, not like a medical textbook. One of the few newer books on apraxia available, gives great advice on getting the right diagnois, working with your school and therapists and mostly giving hope.

Finding God in Autism This is an inspiring book to bring back hope to your journey. You can replace the word autism with apraxia or any special need. Kathy Medina shares her journey and provides Biblical references to help with the challenges of raising a child with special needs. Highly recommended!

My Brother is Very Special This wonderful children's book teaches other kids about apraxia. Use this tool to help siblings, classmates, cousins and friends learn about apraxia. It was written by a mother of an apraxic child.

The LCP SolutionThis is a great reference book for using fish oil supplements that help with many different brain disorders. Explains the process of how fish oil works in much more detail than space allows here at this website.

Kid Cooperation This is my favorite parenting book, offers practical solutions to common behavior problems, great for all kids. Apply her solutions to end whining, fighting and bring peace to your household. Parenting "normal children" is hard enough, now add in a child who can't communicate and it adds in additional challenges.


Sing Out Online Special CDs designed and recorded by a mom and music therapist to facilitate language development for children with special speech related needs.

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