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Help I'm new at this

My Daughter 10 year old she has Serve apraxia speech. I didn't found out until 8 year old she went to doctor after doctor nobody tell me anything and her

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We are working together.

At the age of two my son didn't said any word, his doctor refer him for an evaluation. The Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics Clinical Assistant Professor

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Looking for the correct medical recommendation for nutritional assessment

Where would I go, who would I see, to have my child nutritionally and metabolically assessed? I would like to see where she may be lacking nutritionally

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Hi, My name is Nancy & my son is 2 1/2 his name is max he has been is speech for a little over a month , he doesn't complete words or put two words together.

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Hi all, Has anyone tried Efalex and/or Nutriiveda for speech delayed or apraxic child? Any success? my email is Bobbysvoice@yahoo.com. Thanks Diana

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Where do I find somebody who can help me get more information about apraxia? I did not think my grandson had apraxia.

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A Positive Ending

My story started in 1990. My youngest child, Michael, was two years old and could only say Mama and 'ba' which meant both bye' and ball. At one time

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Frustration without the understanding

My Son was recently diagnosed with Apraxia. He has had numerous testing done. Diagnosed with Add (his sister has ADHD). I am not against medication as

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Aunt and care giver

My nephew is 3 years old, born premature by 4 weeks, has several delays, crawling, walking, sitting up, rolling over, etc. He has been getting OT PT since

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Niviah 09

I like your page because this diagnose of apraxia has been a challenge to our family. She is a twin and she is the one that is suffering from it. Her

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I have Apraxia

I was diagnosed with Motor Apraxia at age three, I am now 31. Through my early education I had extensive speech, physical, occupational, and emotional

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Just found out!!!

Hi, My granddaughter Ariana will be 4 in Feb. My son called me awhile ago and told me that Ariana has Apraxia. I read about this on Pinteret last year

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Looking for Speech Therapist in Miami, FL

Does anyone know a good speech therapist in Miami, FL who specialized in Apraxia for my 4.5 year-old daughter? Thanks

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Resturant madness

Obviously with apraxia children tend to get aggravated easier, however, in resturants it's unbearable. He wants to get up and when I tell him no he screams

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Special Needs Planning Seminar

The time for our upcoming Special Needs Planning seminar is fast approaching (October 17th)and the seats are being filled as we speak. The need for special

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Mark Your Calendar

Special Needs Planning with Money Concepts 2nd Annual Family Day at the Park July 27th 12:00 - 2:00 Brendan's Playground Feel free to spread the word!

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I have a little girl that is 4 years old that was diagnosed with apraxia at age of three. She attends a special needs preschool and recieves thearpy there

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Apraxia and Grand Mal seizures- Mommy support

Hi I am Amie, mother of 4. Trying to start a blog for support. My 2 year old has been diagnosed with Apraxia 2 weeks ago. Cognitively he is very smart

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Our silent Sawyer

Our son is 2 and a half, recently diagnosed with apraxia. He has been in therapy for 6 months but has made no real progress. We are starting to see some

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new to this

just found out my son Elijah(2 1/2) has it and we are currently in the process of setting up everything we can to help him. To be quite honest we are

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