My son was just diagnosed with severe apraxia. My therapist doesn't believe in the listening theory. I really am happy with my therapist but not sure what do to if she doesn't agree with the listening I go ahead and do it anyway? The book says it is important they are on board or I should change therapist which is very stressful to think about going through everything again and putting my son through change.

Please help

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Sep 12, 2012
It will be OK
by: Kate

Did your therapist say why they don't believe in listening therapy? It is backed by research.
There are so many different therapies and techniques - it's hard to be an expert in all of them. Many professionals know nothing about listening therapy, and therefore, they quickly dismiss it.
If your therapist hasn't been trained to administer listening therapies they would not be able to do it with your son anyways.
If possible, I would find someone else, or rent the equipment and do it in addition to speech therapy.
If you are happy with your speech therapist, and your child is making progress you certainly do not need to change therapists.

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