Speech Delay or Apraxia?

If you have a late talking child you may be wondering is it just a speech delay or is it really apraxia? Their are some very important differences that a well trained speech therapist can easily recognize. A child with verbal apraxia will not acquire speech in a normal pattern, and will also be very inconsistant - one day can say a word, the next day they can't. To read the full article: Click here

Unlike a speech delay, your child will not "grow out of" apraxia and will require intensive speech therapy. Are you having trouble with well meaning family and friends who do not understand your child's condition or what it is like to have a child that doesn't speak normally? Please visit: apraxia online support and join the discussion. I had so many people tell me "her older sister just talks for her" which only added to my frustration.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best for a full recovery from apraxia! Kate

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