Summer has arrived for most of us. I hope you are enjoying your summer days and finding fun and positive ways to interact with your child with apraxia. Getting out in nature is very benefical for all kids, for kids with apraxia it opens so many opportunities for speech. I remember when my daughter was about 3, she didn't like bugs and when we were outside she would say "There's a bug!" Of course it didn't sound like that as she couldn't pronounce the words properly, but she said it over and over and eventually she was able to pronounce it better. As parents we have to go with whatever works. :-)

Also in the summer we can't forget the importance of reading. My kids are all enrolled in my local library's summer reading program, it's a great program and best of all it's free, for more on the importance of reading to your children, teaching them to read and reading outloud and how it can improve speech, please visit: Apraxia and Reading

We have had many positive comments on the new Parent to Parent Support Group feature. I want to thank everyone who wrote in. If you haven't already, I would like to invite you to write in with your questions, frustrations or other areas you may need support in. You can fill out the online form and even add your child's picture. For privacy it is not required to include your name or where you are from, however you may do so if you wish. If you would like, there is an online form to comment and offer support to others. Apraxia Support Group

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best for a full recovery from apraxia! Kate

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