I have recently read the results of a new research study done by Children’s Hospital & Research Center Oakland. I was very pleased to see they were researching the underlying causes of apraxia and ways to treat it. It confirms what many parents have suspected all along, that their are underlying causes and you can do more than just intensive speech therapy to treat it.

They were able to gather laboratory analyses in 26 of the children, which revealed low carnitine levels, abnormal celiac panels, gluten sensitivity, and vitamin D deficiency among others. They also looked at low levels of vitamin E and the use of fish oil supplements. For the full article please click here: New Research for Apraxia

I hope some day a full nutritional work up will be a standard for children with apraxia. Thank you to everyone who has wrote in to our support group. Apraxia Support Group If you are questions or are in need of support, I invite you to check it out. At times having a differently abled child can be very isolating and I urge you to find other parents you can talk to and share your frustrations and your joys.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best for a full recovery from apraxia! Kate

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